You Don’t Have To Go To NYC To Receive Specialized Pain Relief with TECAR!

Get back to doing what you love!

Optimus Health Center is happy to offer TECAR technique right here in Tennessee! We use the Winback devices which helps to speed up rehabilitation for many injured athletes for a winning return to competition and activity.

WINBACK energy is a high frequency current oscillating between 300 kHz and 1 MHz. It accelerates “natural regeneration” of biological tissues. Its low intensity energy means it is completely non-invasive and 100% natural for the human body.

Are you dealing with chronic or acute pain? Schedule an appointment with us today!

Faster Recovery & Treatments | Lasting Results

Recover faster!
  1. Eliminates Pain – Inhibits pain immediately for a duration of more than 48 hour after treatment.
  2. Frees Up Movement – Winback energy relieves tension by revascularizing them locally. Your range of movement is immediately restored
  3. Accelerates Healing – this technique uses your body’s natural self healing properties and promotes intra and extracellular exchanges in a lasting way. The benefits of your treatment continue after the session.

Using the TECAR therapy, the physical therapists at Optimus Health Center are able to better serve those who are dealing with chronic pain, acute pain, sports injuries, post-surgical recovery and more. We are happy to be able to offer this level of specialized therapy to those in Jefferson City, Tennesee and surrounding area!