Direct Access

Patients with private insurance can now see a therapist without a prescription from their doctor.

In the State of Tennessee legislation was passed allowing licensed Physical Therapists to evaluate and treat you without first consulting a Physician. With your permission, we can send your records to a physician of your choice if you wish and if you do not have one, we can help recommend one for you. We will coordinate your care with your regular doctor, but a prescription will not be necessary to start your therapy.

The Physical Therapist at Optimus Health Center has extensive experience in Physical therapy that allows us to treat our patients effectively and recognize symptoms if consultation from a physician is necessary.

The Benefits of Direct Access to patients are:

  • Accessibility and timely treatment, this promotes the best outcome if intervention is started early.
  • You can have early pain relief, improve movement, restore function, and avoid delay in restoring function and reduce healing time.
  • It saves money for you by reducing physician visits and costly testing.
  • It allows for earlier return to work, and play the sports you love.

For Medicare and TnCare patients, you can stop by and one of our therapists can perform a brief consultation, but we will need a referral from a physician prior to evaluation and treatment. We can help make recommendations to help you find the best physician for your care.

Call us for more information regarding Direct Access.