Benny R.

Feb12th 2021

Mila has worked a miracle on my frozen shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm any without tremendous pain. She did myofacial technique. I left first day with great motion.

Marla W.

Feb12th 2021

Can’t say enough about the caring staff from the front desk to the physical therapy room. I had surgery on a torn ligament and after a couple months of therapy twice a week I’m pain free. Everyone in the physical therapy room is so friendly and extremely helpful.

Teresa R.

Feb12th 2021

I’m a Silver Sneaker member, I love using the gym equipment and machines. The Nustep is my favorite and always makes me feel better when I use it, it helps me with my arthritis. The machines are clean and easy to use and they have staff members that are willing to help at all times

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